Storytelling has always been our peoples medicine. It is what connects us, unites us, heal us. It is what can honour the past but move forward into the future with love and understanding.


Sheree’s Mum will be the first to say that Sheree was born writing and performing. Always with a notebook in hand or making her family sit down and talk and watch her sing songs on her stage she made herself with peppercorn leaves and bark.


Sheree’s storytelling is more than a passion. It is her life, her ancestory, her legacy. In 2012, she set up her own publishing company ‘Birthsong Press’ and self published her first book ‘The Wild Rainbow – woman, mother and sage femme’, a compiled book with over 30 contributors that is raw storytelling of womens experiences. 2015 saw the publication of a co-created book with fellow midwife sister, Jacinta Cross, titled ‘Labyrinth of half eaten stars’ – a book of poetry and prose around trauma, resilience and recovery.